Abhyutthan 2k18
Welcomes You
RECK Presents
November 1-3, 2018
A Techno Cultural Fest
What is Abhyutthan

With an aroma of indispensable positivity and ceremonious gratitude, the community of REC Kannauj opens itself to the grandeur of its maiden techno-cultural fiesta ‘ABHYUTTHAN’. Releasing the excruciating beam of blended sagacity and glamour, hard work and talent and all the pomp and neuroma it dwells as it comes by. The name of the event in itself says it all as it extracts itself from the epic and legendary ‘shrimadbhagvatgita’ preached by the lord itself asking to perceive light by defying the unholy darkness through our power of thought and intellect in different spheres of universal loopholes.
The relentless 3-day techno and cultural euphoria falls this November organized by the engineered youth power of the RECK community as each student and the faculty mixes itself to showcase its talent in sciences and arts. The programme is an adventurous ride from designing robots to heart-rending poetry making its journey through sporto-bazar, treasure hunts, live gaming and coding, blind dates, pen a tale, afforestation and many more excitement and ingenious on its way. ‘ABHYUTTHAN’ brings along its way a fresh air of togetherness and brotherhood offering a subtle platform for showing one’s skills and hidden talents preserving the soulful purpose of teamwork and organization and involving each and every individual adhered to the community making it more than a fiesta. A festival of science and culture painted and pioneered by the youth of RECK’.

so turn on the decryption of talentz.
Aagman 2k18
Aagman 2k18

Aagman or ‘The Welcoming’ is a fest fathoming exhilaration and elation held at REC-K every year.
A cultural extravaganza with a spectrum of events wrapped ‘Aagman’ marks the beginning of the junior - senior relationship and the college culture. With the streets of ‘Itranagri’ kannauj all livened up, ‘Aagman’ has innumerous memories to make, bonds to relish and experiences life lasting. A launchpad for the youth artists, ‘Aagman’ is our effort to give unforgettable experiences and memories to the participants. We seek to expand the possibilities and stretch every limit to present altogether a surreal experience

1st November, 2018
4pm Onwards
Band Performance

Indie Street Rockers - A Lucknow based rock band with the fame of performing in India's Got Talent, and an experience of 100+ successful live performances in various renowned colleges, come down to the Itranagri to rock the streets with their blithesome beats and vivacious aura - A never-seen-before evening to groove and enjoy.

1st November, 2018
10pm Onwards
Aagman 2k18
Aagman 2k18
Kavi Sammelan

Kavi Sammelan is the most cultured and renowned amongst all the expositions of stage entertainment. Poetry forms an integral part of Indian culture and consciousness. Presented in Hindi and Urdu, it enthrals the audience from stage with a humongous vigour of words. We present our first Kavi Sammelan, showcasing some brilliant artists that will glide you across the world with their brilliance.

2nd November, 2018
6pm Onwards
EDM Night

Electro Dance Music, popularly known as EDM, presents a broad range of precurssive electronic music played at raves and festivals. A concert-evening with bass turned all high and beats that force you to dance on, come, join us into the night filled with energy and dance yourself out.

3rd November, 2018
10pm Onwards
Aagman 2k18

AutoCAD Workshop
AutoCad Workshop

AutoCAD Workshop

  • Why AutoCAD is needed?

    “Good art is a talent,
    Good design is a skill”

    In this time and age, when everything is moving towards digitization it is recommended that you keep yourself up to date with latest technologies and software specially in engineering field.

  • What will you get out of this workshop?

    Learning AutoCAD will help your CV getting enhanced and open up many more which includes powerful suite of features to improve workflow and create true-to-life maps, diagrams, structures and schematics.
    To summarize it we can say that it is -
    “Planning before execution”
    AutoCAD allows you to design and thus communicate your design to the assembling technicians, manufacturers and/or clients.

  • When this workshop is to be held?

    This workshop is scheduled for three days-
    5th Oct. – 7th Oct.2018

Anrobotics Workshop

Robotics is a multi-disciplinary subject with roots in electronics , computer science and mechanics. Although it is not taught in schools , a lot of students still pursue it as a hobby while struggling to find out why something works or does not work. In this workshop we teach students how to read a circuit diagram , how to identify different electronic components and how to put together components to build a circuit. Since we aim to learn by examples , we build different components of a wireless robot and put them together to watch it come alive.

AutoCad Workshop
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