(Aao aao pul banao)
“Build a bridge extending your hand"
  • The construction and testing of model bridges promotes the study and application of fundamental principles of physics and engineering and help students develop “hands-on” skills.
  • Participating students will get to experience what it is to be an engineer, designing structures to a set of specifications and then see them perform their function.
  • PROBLEM STATEMENT: Design a truss bridge using Popsicle sticks (ice cream sticks) satisfying the stated constraints.
  • Event structure:
    1. Round 1: Team of students will construct bridges in advance of the competition using the materials provided.
    2. Round 2: The structures made will be tested on the day of the event to nominate top 10.
    3. Round 3: Question round to rank top 3 out of nominated top 10.
  • Materials:
    1. Use ‘150’ Popsicle sticks provided by the club.
    2. Sticks can be altered physically by cutting or notching at any angle.
    3. Fevicol provided by the club can be used as adhesives, use of other adhesives may lead to disqualifications.
    4. Thread will be provided for initial support which should be removed from the final structure before the time of testing.
  • Overall Dimensions:
    1. The Popsicle Bridge dimensions should be within the specified limits of:
    2. Length should not be less than 300mm
    3. Width should not be less than 80mm
    4. Height should not be less than 80mm.
  • Team Size: 3-4 Students per team.
  • Judging and Scoring:
    1. First the structure will be reviewed to check if violates any rules mentioned above.
    2. The scoring of the structure will be based on the performance as well as basic knowledge, the team members possess:
    3. The bridge will be scored on how well the material has been used to support the load. The efficiency will be calculated as the ratio of ultimate load capacity and the bridge weight.
    4. In engineering, the best solution may not always be the biggest or strongest bridge.
    5. The bridge will also be scored on the basis of the basic knowledge, the team members possess.
    6. Scoring Criteria:
      1. Efficiency(E)
      2. Knowledge (K)
      3. Total Score (S)= E+K
    7. Violating any of the conditions mentioned underneath, penalty will be imposed according to the judges and may lead to disqualification:
      1. Dimensional specifications are not met
      2. Use of material, except the ones provided by the club.
  • Award of appreciation:
    1. Top 3 will be awarded with prize money and certificate.
    2. All the participants will be worthy of appreciation.


Nidhi Yadav 3rd CE - 8009739595
Nitin Gupta 3rd CE - 7080733995
Pavan Singh Yadav 3rd CE - 7239025304
Sangam Yadav 3rd CE - 8765083486
Siddhant Shukla 3rd CE - 8756673119
Nivedita Kashyap 3rd CE - 7081184734

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