“Mathematics is not about the numbers, equations, computations or algorithms: it is about understanding.”
  • Mathemania is a word for the love of all things mathematical. Math is an exact and definite science to train the mind in the habit of reasoning. Its something like magic because the more you get into it, more you’ll discover new tricks to solve a particular problem. The entire event consist of
    1. Round 1: This round will be a pen-paper based MCQ type exam which includes (10+2) level questions as well as some brain teasering aptitude questions.
    2. Round 2: This round will be a buzzer round including sub rounds, the team who press the buzzer first will given a chance to give the answers of the asked questions with proper reasoning in the time limit of 2 minutes.
    1. Based on the results of 1st round only top 24 students will be selected and they are required to form a team of 3 members (participants are free to choose their teammates for the next round).
    2. In 2nd round after each sub round one team will get eliminated until there is only three teams are left.The remaining three team will rewarded with prize money.
  • RULES:
    1. Any digital devices like calculator, mobile etc. are not allowed.
    2. In 1st round if more students get same marks then they will be selected on the preference of questions.
    3. In 2nd round if the team who press the buzzer first unable to give the answer in given time limit or gives wrong answers then their marks will deducted and the chance will be given to that team who press the buzzer just after them.
    4. There will be some questions for the audience as well, anyone who give right answer will get rewarded.
    5. Any participants who is found to use any unfair means will immediately disqualify.
  • AWARD: Top 3 winning teams will be awarded with trophies & medals and certificate will given to all the participants.


Vandana Yadav - CE 3rd - 7974730721
Harshita Gupta - CSE 3rd - 9120298134
Shivang Varshney - CE 3rd - 9997485112
Suraj Singh - ET 3rd - 8299323473
Ghareeb Nawaj - ET 3rd - 8707369099

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