Nukkad Nataks

  • The competition will consist of two rounds.
  • Elimination round: Time limit- 10 min
  • Final round: Maximum time limit-10- 12 min
  • Final round: On the basis of final performance 5 teams will be qualified for the final round
    1. A team should have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 15 members. (Including musicians and exclusive of all helpers.)
    2. Registration will be accepted online through the website prior to the event.
    3. Teams have to bring their own props and costumes.
    4. The maximum duration for the play is 12 minutes.
    5. Negative point for exceeding the time limit.
    6. No sound system and electronic music system will be allowed.
    7. Only household objects can use as props (dholak, sticks, drums, gulaal are allowed.) use of fire and water is prohibited.
    8. Script should be original/ self written and should not be copied, if found guilty, would result in disqualification of team.
    9. Language use can be Hindi or English only.
    10. Vulgarity is strictly prohibited


CHANDRA SHEKHAR - 7351000375

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