Publisher's Fun - Paper Presentation

  • Paper Presentation is all about how you put your topic or present your topic in front of the audience. They see the way you present your topic, the way you put your points, your presentation style, your language and how promptly and effectively you answer their questions. Here is an amazing opportunity to showcase your idea on unique and massive platform in form of well integrated and intriguing presentation. Whoever is interested can participate.
  • RULES:
    1. It may be represented by single or by a group of maximum 4 members.
    2. The paper should strictly follow standard IEEE two column format ( the format can be downloaded from internet).
    3. The paper should be in PDF format or PPT format.
    4. The topic chosen by you may be related to Physics, Chemistry, Computer, Civil, electronic and any other engineering branch.
    5. Participants have to use their own essential apparatus. It will not be provided by college side.
    6. The decision of the judges and event head shall be treated as final and binding on all.
  • AWARD: There are also some rewards for winners. Winners at place 1st, 2nd, 3rd will also get a certificate as a reward.
  • IMPORTENT: Check our regular updates on our website for any query and more information.


Mukul Tyagi - ET 3rd - 9758363132
Sonam Singh - CSE 3rd - 8707212677
Akshay Kumar - CE 3rd - 8736857347
Gopi Gupta - CSE 3rd - 8795705110

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