“Be Smart . Be Ready . Be Noticed!"
  • This is a quiz game based on your knowledge on different parts of science ,history ,films ,geography, current affairs.So you know it all?
  • When it comes down to competition ,its not always about the best skater ,its about the one who skates the best competition .
    1. There will be a simple paper test exam for students to qualify and enter the quiz game and then the qualifiers will play next rounds along with their respective team.
    2. The papertest will consist of 20 questions with 6 easy questions,10 average questions and 4 hard one and each question will be of 5 marks and no negative marking. One have to get atleast 60% i.e. 60 marks in order to qualify for the quiz rounds.
    1. General questions: 4 questions will be asked from each team one by one and points will be awarded respectively . 10 points for correct answer and -5 for incorrect answer . question can be passed to another team for +5 bonus points .
    2. Audio/visual round: Students will be shown any audio or visual clip and they have to answer accordingly .20 points for correct answer and -10 for incorrect one. The question can be passed and one can score +5 points for correct answer.
    3. Double Trouble: This will be a game changer round .The Students have to decide if they want to take this round or not .If yes ,then they will be asked 1 question and if they gave the right answer then their points will be doubled and for a wrong one their score will be reduced to half of the present score.
    4. Rapid fire Round: Each team will be asked 10 questions each in 1 min. Team discussions is allowed . 10 points for each correct answer and -5 for incorrect answer . If a team cannot answer a question ,they can say pass for next question . No question will be passed to another team.
  • Note: There will be an option for swapping the question once and each team can use that lifeline once in Any of the first three rounds and the question will be swapped with another question.
    1. No one will bring any gadget during paper test.
    2. The no. of members in each team will be decided after the test.
    3. Be ready with a team name of your choice.
  • Note- More information will be provided through notice on notice board .


Ajay Pundir - 8471016764
Anubhav singh - 8874899324
Nitin Gupta - 7080733995
Pooja kumari - 9450982269
Pragya - 8004237962
Rajesh Upadhyay - 7800351122
Suman Saurabh - 8726176844
Vishnukant Mishra - 9521409006

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