Rubik's Cube

  • Event Description:
    • It is a time based task fastest speed cuber will win the game.
    • There will be two round first round will be 3*3 cube and second round will be of mirror cube 3*3.
    • In first round (3*3) every contestant will be given two cubes they have to solve it simultaneously.
    • The top contestant in first round will be selected for second round.
    • Next round will be mirror cube(3*3).
    • First round will be qualifier
    • Secound round will decide the winner.
  • Important:
    • Check our regular updates on our website for any query.


Ankur Pandey - CE 3rd - 7800204264
Abhishekh kushwaha - El 3rd - 9670332994
Devang yadav - EL 3rd - 7300796895
Anand yadav - CE 3rd - 9918774170

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