“We aren’t invincible…but who’s stopping us from trying”
    A group of contestants will perform in personal interview based on ROADIES form and in various tasks scheduled by ROADIES team that seemingly challenge their mental and physical strength. During the course of the journey, there are vote outs, vote ins, eliminations and game changing twists. Eventually the contestant who manages to survive vote outs and succeed in the final task is chosen as the winner
  • This event will be carried out in two rounds :
    1. Round 1 : Personal Interview
    2. Round 2 : Tasks


ANKUR PANDEY CE 3rd - 7800204264
SANDIP KUMAR PRASAD EE 3rd - 6392873662
SHIVAM RATHORE EE 3rd - 8604686488
MANISH KUMAR ET 3rd - 8439444862
DIVYA SHARMA CS 3rd - 8077905208
MANAV NIGAM ET 3rd - 9554595170
MANEESH KUMAR EE 3rd - 8126740915

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