Rush Hour - PC & Mobile Gaming
  • Event Description:
    1. Game will be held on personal laptops organized by the organizers.
    2. Controllers will be provided by the organizers too.
    3. If anybody wants to use keyboard it shall be provided too.
    4. All the rules made by organizers must be followed and held valid.
  • Round 1 (Knockout Round):
    1. First round will be a knockout round in which one match will be played.
    2. Participants can choose their team according to their will.
    3. If match result is not decided within the given time . penalties will come into play.
    4. Winners of this round will go to next round.
  • Round 2 (Knockout Round):
    1. Round 2 of the game will be a tournament based round.
    2. In this round each participant will get to play 2 round or legs of a match.
    3. Winner will be decided as per who wins in the final of tournament


Pulkit Chaudhary 3rd CSE - +91 7895710075
Mohd. Shoaib 3rd CSE - +91 8267869942
Ananya Gupta 3rd EE - +91 7458058282
Aditya Verma 3rd EL - +91 7376030457

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