Suron Ka Sangram

“Music speaks what can not be expressed soothes mind and gives it rest. It gives soul to the universe, wings to mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything around”
  • Therefore on behalf of Rajikiya Engineering College, Kannauj, we would like to extend an Invitation to you to participate in our first fest. Performances, solo, duet and group singing must be presented by the participants. All types of singing forms- Rock, Sufi, Rap, Western, Classical are welcomed
  • RULES:
    1. One vocalist with a single acompanist only allowed.
    2. Only two chances will be given to the participants to showcase their talent.
    3. Time decided for every individual will be 5-10 minutes during auditions.
    4. Any prerecorded music or karaoke is allowed.
  • JUDGING CRITERIA: Selection of participants will be based on the voice quality for the song presented at time of auditions.


Akash - 7465044867
Priya Verma - 7071793061
Shreyash Mishra - 8318163973
Siddharth Verma - 7084183428
Swechchha Ojha - 8874098449

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