“Feed your brain”
  • RULES:
    1. There will be three rounds in the game.
    2. In first round all the participants have given a sheet in which Sudoku problem will be printed.
    3. Participants will have 10 minutes to solve the problem.
    4. Which participants will solve the problem in given time, can participate in next round.
    5. In second round, 10 students will be selected for next round on basis of their speed of solving Sudoku.
    6. In third round top three participants will be selected as winners of the game.
    7. There must be no over writing on the sheet.
  • REWARD: Winners will be awarded by a certificate which will gain first, second and third place.
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AVADHESH KUMAR - ET 3rd - 8127609762
ASHISH JAISWAL - ET 3rd - 8726580019
SURAJ SINGH - ET 3rd - 8400289662
PRAGYA PATEL - CS 3rd - 9936312448
RANJANA SINGH - CS 3rd - 9720399135

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