Web Art

  • Description: Web Art is very interesting platform to design web page and making websites. If you have ability to think a design or layout then web art is very simple and famous tool to implement it.
  • Programming Tools:
    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. Code Editor
  • Layers of event:
    1. A screenshot of already created webpage will be given to every participants.
    2. Every participants has to make exactly same web page which is given.
    3. The participant who will make web page nearest to given web page will be winner.
    4. Similarly second and third position will be decided.
  • Rules:
    1. Participants should not carry mobile phones.
    2. Participants are not allowed to open any extra application or any website for taking help.
    3. No discussions are allowed during the contest
    4. Time limit would be there.
    5. No negative points would be given for wrong submission.


Abhishek Sirohi – CSE 3rd – 7880329858
Beauty Singh – CSE 3rd – 8808425815
Chanky Singh – ET 3rd – 8439278408
Sarvesh Kumar – CSE 3rd – 8009339737
Imran Ali – ET 3rd – 7860347918

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